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Weddings and Engagements
Wedding and engagement ceremonies are gala events that need to be catered to individual requirements. We at Homestead Catering Service have sample menus for these events. We can create a personalised menu for you or our chefs can customise menus and dishes to suit your needs to ensure you have a memorable occasion.
Homestead Catering Service highly recommends the services of Labours of Love for all your venue decorations.
Please click on the link below to view there website.

Parties, Events & Corporate Catering
Homestead Catering Service has the ability to cater to corporate functions, events and parties. Our professional staff will be at hand to serve the food and clear up after the event. This leaves you and your guests to enjoy the night. Whether you are having an office party or a corporate event for clients and principals, we will be able to cater appropriately.